Week 3, Day 2 --Healing your Inner Child

Week 3, Day 2


‭‭Day 2--Healing your Inner Child

Day Purpose: to heal the wounds and conditioning of your early childhood.

The cry we hear deep in our hearts, comes from our wounded child within. Healing this child's pain is the key to transforming anger, sadness and fear. --Thich Hanh

Since yesterday you worked on healing your past and giving gratitude for the lessons that it taught you, today you will give gratitude for your wounded inner child. Yes! That child you once were, still lives inside of you and although you may not realize it, that child runs a large part of your adult life.

Most of the programs that run your current behavior, the things that trigger you, the things you fear, the things that drive you to make the life choices you make, are all rooted in your childhood.

All the emotional patterns that you have, the way you relate to the world, and your perceptions they all come from your belief system and that belief system you learned it at a very young age from your caregivers and your environment. We all have a wounded child inside ourselves that longs to be healed loved heard and accepted.

Perhaps there is something in your childhood that has conditioned you to react and to relate to the world in a certain way. Maybe you felt you weren’t loved enough, good enough, maybe you felt abandoned, whatever it is, today you will give your younger self the acknowledgment, appreciation, and love you deserved.

So with your eyes closed, put your hand over your heart as you start breathing deeply and slowly while you bring into your heart, the image of your younger self. Really connect to a time when you were very young, anywhere from age three to nine years of age. See yourself clearly. What you are wearing? How are you feeling? When you have the image of yourself, feel your heart expand with love and gratitude for that little boy, for that girl that is sitting next to you.

Breathe love into that image and tell your younger self, “Hi there, it has been a while since we connected. I am sorry that I have neglected you for so long, but I am here now and you are never going to feel alone anymore.” Love that little person that is next to you and give him or her all the love you needed as a child.

When I did this exercise myself, I kid you not, I saw my younger self sitting next to me and the vision was so vivid. I was in my bed doing my FMTG and all of a sudden I was transported to a beach sitting on the sand. I lived on the beach when I was a little girl so there is no wonder why in my vision I would find my younger self there.

After all, the beach is still our happy place. So there she was so beautiful and fragile. Her long loose curls shimmer with the touch of the sun rays and her expression was one of sadness. For a moment I forgot she was me, and I felt this immediate love and need to protect her, exactly how I feel about my own children.

So I’d like you to imagine your younger self next to you and embrace him or her and tell yourself, “You are loved and you make me proud. I am here to tell you that no matter what you’ve been through, we’ll make it through. Together we can overcome all our traumas. We are free and strong and we have a wonderful life. Don’t worry so much about what others tell you and don’t lose energy on the little stuff. Everything has a way of working itself out. I am so grateful to have you with me and to be able to love and protect you. You never have to fear being abandoned anymore. I am here with you.”

We must travel back in time to change the emotion we associated with our painful events

Tell your younger self whatever it is that she or he needs to know to heal. It is important to connect and nurture that part of us because by healing our inner child, we heal the adult in us. According to Gregg Braden, “We often attract people and situations into our current life that resemble the negative characteristics that we liked least from our caregivers. We attract them because we have placed an emotional charge on those characteristics and that charge becomes a magnet.”

Part of my inner child conditioning was feeling abandoned and not loved enough, not seen or heard so it is not a surprise to me that I ended up attracting those very same negative things reminiscent of childhood because those were the things familiar to my subconscious mind.

I attracted relationships that were emotionally unavailable, relationships that lack love, acceptance, and relationships that ultimately betrayed and abandoned me. Sadly I tolerated all of that because that was what my subconscious was familiar with. If you want to attract healthy relationships, it is crucial to address those parts of your inner child that are still wounded and to release the emotional charge associated with those. Much of our behavior is due to our childhood traumas and to what we felt we needed and did not get.

Think of your younger self and while you have your eyes closed, send love to that child and tell him or her, “You are loved, you are enough, you can always count on me. You matter and you make a difference in my life.”

The adult in us must meet our inner child to give us what we were denied.

Hold and hug that child in your arms and send all the love you have. Remember, you may be an adult now, but that wounded child still lives in you and it’s often directing your adult actions and reactions.

In order to trigger healing in our bodies, we must first release the memories of our childhood traumas and grief. According to renowned Dr. Fabrizio Mancini, our past emotions are memory cells that are stored in our bodies and these block our bodies’ ability to heal to the degree that it can heal. So when you heal the child, you heal the adult.

When you have completed your FMTG for today, close by expressing your gratitude. As an example, you could say, "I am grateful to the Universe for the ability to nurture and heal my young conditioning and freeing the adult in me."

Next steps? Listen to a podcast and do a meditation

Listen to a podcast, Healing The Inner Child

Do the following 🎤🎧 5-minute Meditation before you get out of bed.


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