Five Minutes to GreatFullness University

I’m Waleuska Lazo, creator of FMTG® - Five Minutes To Greatfullness

I am so excited to be taking this journey with you. I will be your coach during the next four weeks and really congratulate you for taking the first step to transform your life.

I am originally from Nicaragua, Central America and migrated to Canada in 1986 due to political unrest in my country.

I have a BA in Politics, a Minor in Archaeology and Master in Criminal Justice. I founded my first e-Learning company, Embanet in 1996 and sold it in 2007. Founded my second company Magnum Opus Ventures in 2008 and my writing company in 2018, DreamCatcher.

I am a writer and have published four books and I am a strong believer that we all come to this world with special gifts and we have a responsibility to find what these gifts are and share them with the world.


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