Transform Your Beliefs

Learn how to overcome your perceived limitations and live a life of abundance

The Power of your Beliefs

Your mind is more powerful than you imagine. It uses your thoughts and beliefs as the engine that fuels it and it will take you to where you tell it you want to go. It will find means, the tools, the opportunities and the people to achieve the blueprint you give it. So be mindful of what thoughts and beliefs you have that has created the life you currently have.

Why should you care to shift your limiting beliefs?

Everything in your life; the programs that run your everyday life, your current patterns of behaviors, the things that trigger you, the things that scare you, the way you relate to others, and how you confront life's circumstances are all related to the belief system you have.

Your beliefs can be incredibly empowering or incredibly debilitating. They can stop you from discovering your gifts and your passions. They can stop you from achieving your life's purpose. Don't let it!

Your mind thinks anywhere from 50 to 75,000 thoughts a day and 90% of those thoughts are repeated thoughts. The thoughts you think about on a consistent basis become beliefs. Becoming aware of your unconscious thoughts is crucial to overcome those beliefs that hold you back from being able to express the wonder of your potential.

To change your limiting beliefs, you must first locate their orgin so you can you shift them.

Almost every major belief we have is generated in childhood

Have you ever wished you could be someone else? Tired of believing that you are not enough? Not loved enough, not capable or fortunate enough?

Discover your behavioral patterns that are tied to limiting beliefs you have formed. Once you can identify the patterns, you will be able to address and transform your thinking from a place of fear and insecurity to state of abundance and confidence.

Well, It's Time To Change...

I have good news! Everything you are experiencing, I have experienced. This is why I created this powerful and transformative workshop, Overcoming Your Limiting Beliefs, to help you recoginze and consciously work on shifting your mindset.

This is no theory. It is not pie-in-the-sky!

This is my personal system of transformation that I used to go from feeling I was merely surviving to thriving. I want the same for you.

Hi, I'm Waleuska Lazo

I am so excited to be taking this journey with you. I will be your coach during the next four weeks and really congratulate you for taking the first step to transform your life.

I am originally from Nicaragua, Central America and migrated to Canada in 1986 due to political unrest in my country.

I have a BA in Politics, a Minor in Archaeology and Master in Criminal Justice. I founded my first e-Learning company, Embanet in 1996 and sold it in 2007. Founded my second company Magnum Opus Ventures in 2008 and my writing company in 2018, DreamCatcher.

I am a writer and have published four books and I am a strong believer that we all come to this world with special gifts and we have a responsibility to find what these gifts are and share them with the world.

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What Our Past Students Are Saying

Arizona, USA - FMTG Changed The Way She Looked at Her Life.

" I am happy to be letting go of the limiting beliefs I had for so long. Now I know I am good enough, I am compassionate, smart enough, able to be resourceful. I am a great wife, mother, friend and human being. Thank you FMTG/God/Universe for continuing to mirror and show me ways in my journey to uncover my false beliefs about me so I can continue to grow, live lighter and be freer. I have one life, I want to be and give it my best"

- Julie Kessler

Mumbai, India - FMTG Helped me Become Fullfulled

"I would not like to call this just an experiment, for me its a beginning of a new chapter of my life that will consume the whole journey so far and give it a meaning that it should have from the beginning. Addicted is a wrong word cause its mostly used for negative things in life. But yes, my English fails me so I wanna say that FMTG has become a way of life and I CHOSE NOT TO LIVE without it. NAMASTE"

- Nish Takia

Toronto, Canada - FMTG Helped Me Find a New Perspective in Her Life

"I’m thankful I found out about FMTG and I did this course. I have learned new perspective about life, seeing the positive in people, things and situations. Appreciate the feeling of the greatness around us. I’m so grateful. Thank you Waleuska and everyone in the group"

- Edda Kavanagh

South Africa - FMTG Opened Doors Inside of Me That Propelled Me Forward

"I found everything specifically crafted to take you deeper at every step and although I was already grateful for my life and journey, I had not looked back on things that were difficult for me, and to find in those things something to be grateful for was different. I am eternally in your debt for this course and what it has opened and awaken in me, for giving me the strength to face my demons and find gratitude for where they have led and sometimes chase me to"

- Maureen Sullivan

Malborne, Australia - FMTG Helped Me Love Me

"FMTG has been powerful. I lay here knowing all those limiting beliefs are lies I have been telling myself for years. The ones I was too old for love, the ones there weren’t any good men left, the ones I wasn’t good enough. The ones when I use to be the victim that the world was against me. The belief I wasn’t good enough for my job. The one my ex told me I was fat and ugly or my step dad said I’d be lucky if any man would marry me, or I had to be perfect for a man to want a relationship with me. Guess what they were wrong. I now have a healthy self-love and confidence in myself and believing life is unfolding before and it’s falling into place and what I manifested is done. I’m in such a beautiful happy content place. I have a feeling of love, gratitude and joy for life. Every day I learn more about myself and the layers that reveal themselves are a gift to me. I’m so grateful to FMTG to all my friends for your support and Waleuska for FMTG this has changed my life. ."

- Charlene Fuller

New York, USA - FMTG Gave Me Appreciation for Being Alive

"The FMTG program is spectacular. Each week of the course is just as incredible as the prior week. The program is all encompassing and has superbly organized all of the most important aspects of a higher, healthier level of being. It is a complete package because at the end it gives clear direction on how to create the life of your dreams. I am forever grateful"

- John Artinian