Transform Your Life Through the Power of Gratitude

Learn how to develop the single most powerful habit for lasting happiness in just 5 minutes a day

Can 5 Minutes Be Enough to Transform Your Life?

There is only one way to find. Hear from the founder of FMTG and what students are saying about it!

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Why People Join The Gratitude Experiment?

Many of my students came to The Gratitude Experiment after being on a journey to better their lives for some time but still not getting the results they hoped for. They were still carrying the heavy burden of their past, attached to their painful experiences, unable to forgive and full of limiting beliefs that prevented them from achieving the life they were meant to live.

The Gratitude Experiment, FMTG is a simple system of 5 minutes of concentrated gratitude in the mornings over a period of 28-days for specific aspects of your life. This simple but powerful technique transforms the way you look at your life. You will uncover things hidden in the depths of your soul, that you did not even know you had, that have chained you to pain for too long. FMTG helps you acknowledge and release trapped emotions so you can finally heal them. FMTG will teach you to value your life, to find your inner power, teach you to love yourself, heal your inner child, to transform your pain into wisdom and give you the tools to create the blueprint for a better you and the life of your dreams.

What If You Could Learn To Achieve The Life You Were Meant to Have?

What if you could achieve lasting happiness?

FMTG will teach you the true source and the how-to achieve lasting happiness. If you are serious about feeling great about the life you have, this course is for you. You will learn how to wire the most powerful antidote to happiness: GRATITUDE!

What if you could achieve emotional freedom?

FMTG will teach you how to relinquish your painful past, and how to surrender the uphill battle of control to finally stay in the flow of life. When you learn to find the meaning in your painful experiences, you liberate yourself from the heavy burden of your past. This releases trapped emotions that lead us to develop illnesses in our bodies. Through your practice of FMTG, you will achieve a balanced, peaceful, and grateful life. You will learn to look at life with new eyes and a new heart.

What if you could achieve abundance in all areas of your life?

FMTG will teach you how to communicate with the Field/Universe in a precise sequence and language that the Universe understands. You will learn to manifest and ignite the power within you to attract miracles into your life.


FMTG 28-Day Gratitude Challenge April 11 to May 09, 2021

FMTG stands for Five Minutes to Greatfullness and it is a 28-day online experience created to help you hardwire in your brain the habit of gratitude independent of your circumstances. The FMTG technique will help you release trapped emotions from your body by bringing to the surface emotional wounds you may have unconsciously hidden so you can finally address and heal them.

Five minutes a day is all it takes to unlock the start of your inner happiness and fulfillment. You deserve to live the life you meant to live. From the single habit of gratitude, hundreds of students from all over the world are living more empowered lives because they have learned to shift their emotions, changed their thoughts, and overcome their limiting beliefs.

What Does The Course Include?

28 Lessons

28 guided meditations

Four 45-minute Zoom sessions with the Founder and Author, Waleuska Lazo

Waleuska will answer any questions you may have after each week of the course. Sessions happened on Sunday's 10 am EST and are recorded and shared in the Facebook community group for those who could not make it.


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Frequently Asked Questions

The FMTG system came really from my own need to heal my life. Of course, at the time, I could not have envisioned becoming what it is today. It was a simple method I used for myself before getting out of bed at a very low point in my life. I was desperate to find a way out of the pain and I had no idea how.

I knew that doing the same behaviors and actions that got me here, were not going to help me. I had to try something I had not tried before —that is when I turned to gratitude. In the beginning, the act of giving appreciation for the things in my life felt forced and I often could not think of things to say thank you for. I was very much in a mindset governed by lack.

But I made it into a challenge and every day, I did it regardless of whether I could connect or feel the gratitude — I persisted. Before long, the fluidity of things to be grateful for started to come and often in waves that I could not stop. It was something bigger than me. There were so many things rushing at once. So I decided to organize my thoughts as they were making me dizzy. That is how I came up with each day being focused on certain things. It worked beautifully.

I was amazed at how the categories came — I realized it was not coming from me. I felt guided by a higher power that would tell me what each day was going to include. Little by little I noticed my layers of pain were lifting and without realizing I felt no more pain. I was too busy being grateful that I did not have time to complain or to think of the things I thought I lacked. Suddenly, I wanted for nothing. I felt happy, at peace and whole.

Years later, after practicing my morning gratitude, I have come across people who are in pain and when I try to explain the power of gratitude to heal, they could not fully understand the HOW TO… gratitude. I realized then, that what for me was an automatic process, for many it was foreign. People know about gratitude but very few knew how to do gratitude.

So, I embarked on writing a practical guide step by step to help others learn how to adopt and incorporate the habit of grateful living with a simple 5-minute routine that transformed my life. Five Minutes To GrateFullness (FMTG) was born from a passion and duty to serve others. FMTG is in the process of being made into a book and the manuscript will soon be sent to various publishers.

I am grateful for your support and the adoption of the FMTG system into your lives.

For many, the act of going into the varies layers of your life can be painful. As you do the work with FMTG you step deep into your subconscious programming and this can often cause resistance and feelings of anxiety. You may have days that are blissful and happy and then later you can have days that cause you the opposite.

Don’t despair. There is nothing wrong with you. Those all reactions are normal.

Also try not feel pressure to feel what others are feeling. FMTG although the lessons are the same for all, the results are individual and unique to the person doing it. Things impact us differently depending on the life events we’ve had.

The pain you may be feeling is perhaps necessary pain that needs to be confronted and heal. As you uncover all your layers, the things you need to address and heal will show to the surface. FMTG will stir up what needs to be heal. So, when you feel this, be grateful. That means you are doing FMTG correctly because it is putting a flash light on all the things in your life that require attention and work.

Should you skip the painful days?

You are always on the driver seat. This course if your personal journey to transform your life. The choice is yours. However, if you have trusted me to guide you in this experience, I urge you to persevere and to face your shadow while you have a nurturing environment where you are not alone.

FMTG never claims to be easy. If it was easy everyone would be doing it and walking enlightened. This process is of courage, compassion, selflove and resilience. You are climbing a mountain and you will shed tears, sometimes of joy and sometimes due to feelings of loss.

To truly transform we must let ourselves feel the pain. My advice to you is try it. Keep on the path. The more resistance you feel the closer you are to conquering.

But again, you have the ultimate choice.

That’s the question many of you ask. Let me explain. When you do gratitude as the first order of the day, your brain releases about 1300 wonderful chemicals into your bloodstream. That’s right, by invoking the feeling of gratitude for all that you have and all that you are, you are teaching your body and mind to produce a cocktail of chemicals that not only make you feel happy, but chemicals that release healing properties into your body.

If you wait to do your gratitude during the day, you will infect your mind with worries, stresses, negative thoughts and feelings, and now you are operating unconsciously in a fight-or-flight mode. All your brain is producing is adrenaline, cortisol and norepinephrine

So, what would you rather feed your body first thing in the morning? Stress hormones or happy chemicals?

Would you rather not start the day with a power breakfast that could sustain you all day?

Imagine having a pancake but instead of flour, it is made of dopamine powder (pleasure hormone), instead of eggs, you use oxytocin (the bonding hormone), and instead of milk, you use serotonin (mood hormone). The minute you bite into your Gratitude Pancake, your neurotransmitters responsible for your emotions get a shot of happiness that is immediately released into your circulatory system. Now, your body shuts down the doors to anger and worry. It cuts the circuits to anxiety and fear.

Now top off your pancake with blueberries of compassion, strawberries of selflove, and drizzle it with self-forgiveness syrup. Now all your body can do is feel ecstasy for life – and who would not want that?

Wow, not sure about you, but I am hungry already. Feed yourself consistently with this Gratitude Pancake and you will never go hungry again.

Good question! Some of you have asked why revisit the painful past?

Why do I need to relive the trauma? Wouldn’t it be more productive to just move forward and focus on the future? After all the past is the past, would you not agree?

I was one of those people who asked those questions. I was also one of those people who spent 10 years in therapy and marriage counseling and nothing really changed.

Let me explain…

The reason why you must go into your past is because you can’t build a future with the same tools you used to make the decisions that led you to your now past. You cannot build a present with the same circumstances and habits that led you to the painful parts of your life that you are now trying to forget.

We cannot sail to our new destination while we are still anchored to the port. Just because you think you have left your past in the past, does not mean you are freed from it. Trust me, I was carrying the anchor with me everywhere I went: into every relationship, work, life etc.

In order to sail to the future, we must first peel layer after layer and heal each part of our past. stuffing it down or pushing it under the rug in the hopes that if you can’t see it, maybe it is not there –that’s just an illusion.

We must first face each trauma, every childhood conditioning, every societal programming and through the act of acknowledgment, we unwrap it and through the act of compassion and forgiveness, we heal every layer in our past through gratitude. Only then would you be able to fully be free and move forward in your life.

Still doubtful?

Try it. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Invest the time breaking the chains that tie you through compassion, forgiveness and love. Only then can you release the blocks that cover your soul.

Over 4 weeks you'll learn...

Be mindful of your immediate blessings

To see the world through new eyes and a new heart

To surrender the judgment

To forgive your past, to forgive others and yourself

To heal your inner-child

To ignite the power of your body to self-heal

To improve all your relationships, especially the one you have with yourself

To love and accept yourself

To turn your pain into wisdom

To connect to a new world of possibilities

Design the person you want to be and create the life you deserve, and much more

Books by Waleuska

What Our Past Students Are Saying

Missouri, Ohio, USA - FMTG Changed His Health & Outlook on What Truly Matters in Life.

"FMTG has allowed me to simplify things and brought me greater health and abundance. I have nothing but "Gratitude " for this experiment! It has really pushed me forward and impacted my life! Thank you"

- Brad McDonald

Ontario, Canada - FMTG Helped Me Cope with PTSD

"I heard about the FMTG course and little did I know how much it was going to change my life. I was at a place of much turmoil, I have PTSD and I am a survivor of suicide and in a support group I head somebody said they had been dealing with PTSD for 43 years and that is when I made the decision that was not going to be me. So FMTG has taught me to self-regulate my emotions by staying centered in the present moment, on my present blessings. It taught me to go back into my childhood to heal what I needed to heal. It has given me clarity and a new zest for life, a deep desire, and drive to go and help others find their voice."

- Deva Neely

Indonesia - FMTG Helped Me Find Myself Again

"Life, to begin with, was and is thankfully already so beautiful, but this and many other wonderful exercises of FMTG takes us through the realization of having been given the valuable gift called life that many of us take for granted and suffer. The FMTG experience was bumpy but beautiful. Testing but soulful. A journey with crests and troughs.

Overall experience-wonderful. This experiment opened up an avenue for me to meet myself finally. Thank you Waleuska for creating something so doable, durable, and dependable!"

- Mita Sharma

Mumbai, India - FMTG Helped me Become Fullfulled

"I would not like to call this just an experiment, for me its a beginning of a new chapter of my life that will consume the whole journey so far and give it a meaning that it should have from the beginning. Addicted is a wrong word cause its mostly used for negative things in life. But yes, my English fails me so I wanna say that FMTG has become a way of life and I CHOSE NOT TO LIVE without it. NAMASTE"

- Nish Takia

South Africa - FMTG Opened Doors Inside of Me That Propelled Me Forward

"I found everything specifically crafted to take you deeper at every step and although I was already grateful for my life and journey, I had not looked back on things that were difficult for me, and to find in those things something to be grateful for was different. I am eternally in your debt for this course and what it has opened and awaken in me, for giving me the strength to face my demons and find gratitude for where they have led and sometimes chase me to"

- Maureen Sullivan

New York, USA - FMTG Gave Me Appreciation for Being Alive

"The FMTG program is spectacular. Each week of the course is just as incredible as the prior week. The program is all encompassing and has superbly organized all of the most important aspects of a higher, healthier level of being. It is a complete package because at the end it gives clear direction on how to create the life of your dreams. I am forever grateful"

- John Artinian